Preparing to take off

We are in Campulung, finally. 🙂

We left at 5:30 am from Frydek-Mistek (me after just 4h of sleep) and we arrived at 22:40 in Campulung. Baby was amazingly cooperative… I mean, for what you would expect from a 2 years old. She was so excited, laughing and running whenever she had the chance.

In the way to Vienna she was very nice in her new toddler front-facing car-seat, looking at the wind-mills. We had 2 stops, each after 1h of driving.

We had a 1h delay in Vienna, because, when we got to the bus to take us to the plane, they sent us back up at the gate, because they decided to change the aircraft due to some technical problem. So carry one baby in one hand and stroller and her backpack in the other hand and my backpack in the back, down the stairs, then up the stairs, then down the stairs again… super-mamka.

And then granma and granpa were waiting for us at the airport and we took train and metro until Dan’s apartment in Crangasi.. We were so tired and we said we will sleep there… we ate, baby was changed, I had a full shower and at around 20, when I wanted to put baby to sleep I realized we cannot sleep comfortably 5 souls in 2 rooms…

So pack everything back fast-fast and at 20:20 we were in the car, me with my hair still wet. Baby fell asleep even before we exited Bucharest and she only woke up one time when we stopped at a gas station in Pitesti to change her sweated clothes and I put her directly in pajama. So when we arrived at the apartment we wrapped her in a blanket and I took her upstairs and tucked her directly into bed. I was barely feeling my legs after 4 floors with a baby in my arms.

So yeah… now I’m trying to assess the damages that I did in the past almost 2 weeks since I gave up all controls and did everything what my heart desired. I took out half of my money from etoro and went to a shopping spree of crazy tokens… Great. Epic. Of course I kept also the crypto, what is risk without crypto?

Lucky I woke up in time before ending up adopting also a blockchain moon cat.

OMG.. now I even have 3 unicorns. Where am I going to raise them all? What do you suppose to feed a blockchain unicorn?

Ok. Enough adventure. Now I’m going back to study for SBL and start a diet. Everyday running at the stadium with mom and baby.

Whom am I kiddin’? It’s Summeeeeeer!!!

Be right back, I have to run to Kaufland to buy some diapers. For the baby, not for the unicorns. And while I’m at it, I’ll fetch also some hot croissants from Iepurasul. And some magic hay for the unicorns.

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