Finally summeeeeer!!!!

Finally I can have shower with the window open and go to bed in a tank top and shorts.

“I wanna sing, I wanna shout, I wanna… […] put it in all of the papers” etc. .. but I won’t…

Ok, maybe a little: today I bought myself a new laptop! Yeeeey!!! I’m so happy. Like, literally, honestly, happy!

Because I couldn’t take it anymore, with trying to do my personal stuff that I’m recently passionate about, on the phone, I killed myself between 456.388.990 and 7.999.304.009 neurons in the past 2 months.

Yes, completely random numbers.

And I also bought like a billion new tokens. Ok, not a billion. Maybe a million.

Ok, maybe like few tens of thousands. Like, I doubled what I had already. I think. I didn’t really count them. Because I couldn’t resist the prices. I discovered you can buy even hope, if you want to.

You can buy literally anything if you want to. I love being able to buy literally anything when I want to. Everyone loves being able to buy literally anything when they want to. (Ok, I watched too much Peppa Pig).

And I was thinking, from last time when I bought myself a laptop, a little over 9 years ago, how much I changed. I remember that time I had to buy it in one year of monthly installments because I couldn’t afford to buy it all at once… at that time I was still living from one monthly paycheck to another. And then I had to leave the country for greener professional pastures and I left instructions to my brother to pay my last two (or three) installments for it..

Today we were having a croissant outside at Iepurasul and I asked mom (more like thinking out loud): “I wanna but myself a laptop. Where can I buy myself a laptop?” And she was like, absolutely no questions asked and no comments added: “At that store, at the other end of the boulevard.”. “Cool, let’s walk there, I said.” And less than half of hour later I had myself a new laptop.

Just so you can understand the background of my current happiness: I was not owning a personal laptop since 2014 or 2015, when the other one broke (hard-drive crashed) and then I bought myself a tablet, which is also very-very sick (the screen is falling off, after I “helped” it one time, when I directed it towards the floor, with all my frustrations wrapped in it).

And whenever I needed something to do on a desktop Leo was borrowing me one of his “prototypes”. And whenever I was coming with the idea to buy myself a new laptop (and a printer) he was like: “have you done market research? how many reviews did you read? have you checked if they have the model at the store or you have to order it online?” etc etc etc.. I mean, it’s not that bad as it sounds, is just that doing all this research in a country and in a language that I barely understand myself in, it’s a little too much.

No! I just want to go to a shop and buy myself a f*g laptop. Like I would buy myself a pair of undies. I will do “the research” on spot.

So yeah. It’s ok for what I need it, is not perfect, but also the price was very good; for exactly what I need it it worked in only few seconds, compared to literally days of torture on the phone.

Such a lovely day.

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