Big step for us, small for humankind

From yesterday I am at 4h/day working schedule and baby is going to kindergarten daily now. Yesterday morning I put her by the door and took a picture and I almost started crying. She is not my baby anymore.

I am so proud of her, especially for the fact that she is tri-lingual. Ok, a bit less with Romanian, but Czech and English she understands perfectly. And she added two more words to vocabulary: Peppa and Shakal (chocolate). She is crazy about her two Peppas. Gaston ladybug is not that much appreciated, but we just started watching those and she is growing on them, I see she is more captivated.

So yeah… I have the SBL exam on Tuesday in Brno, I’m still stressed about it, but I discovered the webinars of one Pakistani teacher on Youtube, I watched all 5 from the June ’21 already and made extra notes and now I have 2 more left from Sep ’21. I like to watch them at 1.5x it keeps me alert. With none of the other exams so far I had the patience to watch any tutorials, but this time I had to because, even after literally typing down by myself all answers from 5 full previous and specimen exams, I was still feeling lost…

This teacher is very inspiring and you feel how is giving energy, he is very passionate about what is doing. He is insisting on the tricky things and kinda puts everything in perspective and makes you feel confident on the technique for this exam. I am starting to feel confident that I will pass it. Even if this is a 4h exams and all other ones are just 3h, time management is the CSF for this exam, because you have like 10-12 pages of exhibits and overview and requirements to read, which can get messy for a CBE with the text split through so many windows.

Happy new fiscal year and bye-bye for now, keep up the good work. And may BNB, ETH and $raini always stay gaini. 🌈🦄🚀🌞

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