Hyper Hibernation Mode

If we are in a semi-hibernation from the beginning of the pandemic, now with the winter weather approaching, I’m even less in the mood to get out of the house. Looking back to the summer, we did spend two interesting months in Romania, even if we didn’t succeed to go to the beach or to the salina.. not even to Dino Park.. because baby was very uncomfortable in that small car seat for a long drive, she was always soaking wet.

So… now I have so many things passing through my mind, trying to sort them out and put them in the right boxes. It’s that time of the year when the Sun is in my 12th House, this time also including Mars and Mercury catching up soon.

Saturn is direct for a couple of weeks now, Mercury from last night and Jupiter any minute now. It’s been quite a recessive period… yet some notable gains did stake up also, especially in the past 2 months.

And regarding SBL… on the principle that you just cannot have them all… 45% is not necessarily a bad result, considering how many panic attacks this exam brought me, while studying for it. It only shows me that next time I will need to channel 5% more… for studying completely alone at home, from the books, I am satisfied with the result.

And also considering that the main activity that captivated my attention and my curiosity in the past months has brought me profits ten times higher than the fee for sitting the exam, I have nothing to be upset for. I will do it again… faster. Because at this score it was not knowledge issue, it was time management issue. Or maybe I will never do them again.

I need to be honest with myself and with what subjects are currently interesting me. And now I’m pretty much into accumulating NFTs and hardly waiting for the staking contracts to come live for the projects I’m invested in.

And another thing… some “destiny accident” that happened in the past few days, that shifted my space-time continuum for a bit… judging by the previous times when this happened, I consider that I received a pre-access to a vault of holistic creative energy, I just need to figure out exactly what I really want to do with it and this is how I will actually get the key to the vault. Like, the reason behind the reason behind the reason… until the 7th reason. Basically, figure out what really makes me happy.

It fills my heart each time when I see my daughter telling me “please” when she needs me to so something for her. And “help”. And how she is putting the hand on her chest and says “me”. And how she looks under the bed or behind the wardrobe and she says “mess”… And when she wants “milk” and whenever she sees a cake or a candle she sings “happy daya”. 🥰 And when she is asking me to draw her a “plane” and a “beach” and “wata” and “sand”. And when she is asking me to help her find her “big Pepika”. These are the moments when I’m simply melting and forgetting all her naughtiness. Oh yeah, the terrible twos, they came! She started making tantrums in the stores and in the park and even at home whenever I try to dress her up, like she is pretending to melt down and making it impossible to pick her up.

On the other hand, it’s not making me happy when she is throwing her Peppa and kicking it, right after I have scolded her for something bad that she did. But it does give me an opportunity to explain to her the difference between her behaviour and Peppa’s and that, even if I’m scolding her, I’m still loving her and kissing her and she should do the same with her Pepika.

As for laughing, on Friday after I picked her from day-care we went to the mall and we sat on a bench in the food court area, waiting for daddy. And while she was sitting on the bench next to me, I was checking on my phone how my new NFTs plants look like and what rankings they have. And all of the sudden I end up with a fist of flower pot dirt in my head. I jumped up and started laughing, because the people from the table next to us were also laughing… And I handed her some wet wipes and asked her to help me clean up the mess. There were like 5 fists of soil around and a small plant almost completely out from the ground… And this kind of coincidences happened before, with other stuff, so I guess she is just trying to.. stand her ground.

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