A 12h flight – THM

Moon: “But I am curious though, Jason… since we have now all this flight until Havana for ourselves… maybe you can clear some of my insecurities…

How did you resist loving me that much and not burning with the desire to see me and to feel me, every day? Did you also dream of me like I dream of you?”

Jason: “Well, Moon, I did manage because everything I did, every single day, I did it thinking about how to assure a stable future for us to grow old together. My steps are always few months/years ahead of yours. I do have dreams also, but different kind of dreams. Most of the times I don’t even understand what I’ve dreamed until months later.

But you need to understand that I’m also human.. a simple mortal.. and I have also periods of lethargy, when things don’t work out exactly how I expected they would. Or when I simply have to wait. For us to grow enough to accept our differences. And create safe boundaries of what is me and what is you.

You need to trust me a bit more. The best things in life are worth the waiting.”

And he takes her hand into his and passionately inserts his fingers between hers. Then gently puts his head on her chest and closes his eyes.

6h left until the landing.

“Moon, what was the most important thing that you learned with me?”

“Quite too late, really.. I finally understand that loving someone doesn’t make you responsible for saving them from themselves. A totally emotional healthy person will know when not to get dirty with someone else’s drama. But most of all, will be ok with it, not feeling guilty or selfish.

Loving doesn’t mean sacrifice. That’s dependency.”

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