It’s fine..

So this week baby was sick again. And me trying to work and study and admin and take care of the house and food, while already being employed as a full-time mommy.

It snowed, on Friday, all day. In the evening we got out to clean the yard and then to wait for the food delivery.. and she didn’t want to get back inside, we stayed almost 40 minutes… When the food arrived and we finally got back inside the warm house, for the first time in so long, I had a feeling of “finally I can relax now”. It lasted exactly for 10 seconds when she started to get angry because she couldn’t put down her jacket.

And that’s when I got it: I will never be able to relax again. Ever. Like to have that feeling that everything is ok and I can finally sit down with a cup of something warm and enjoy everything that I have, that I worked so hard for… that I don’t have to occupy my mind all the time with 1000 tasks.

I’m having a migraine since Saturday morning, I tried to survive it because I saw I only have 1 pill of Nurofen left in the house, which I took it in the afternoon, because I couldn’t resist anymore. See, my migraine is not just headache, is also congested nose and foggy brain. And either cold, either warm, either both in the same time in different parts of the body. And this feeling that I cannot think clear of how I am feeling and how I feel about things… if it makes any sense.

I ordered myself a brand new toothbrush from and I haven’t even got to open the box, to charge it and test it, for more than a week now…

I saw yesterday on YouTube some recipes of marinated chicken breast, I will try to see if I can cook it… at some point this week.

And yeah, we go shopping now. Bye!

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