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V češtině

Včera (yesterday) a dnes (today) jsem měla (I had) rekordní (a record) počet (number) pohledů (of views) z Rumunska! Takže, děkuji mojí rumunské přátele! to mě dělá šťastným (happy), aby věděl, že můj lid neztratil (didn’t lose) rezonance se mnou. Pokračování… 🙂

Jeden růžový slon

Milý blog,

Jen (just) jsem si uvědomila (realized), že (that) nejlepší (the best) způsob (way), jak strávit (to spend) můj čas dnes je napsat něco (something), v českém jazyce. Nebo v německém jazyce. A protože je to pro mě náročný (challenging) psat v českém jazyce, budu psát v českém jazyce. A je to sranda (fun)! Protože hlavní (the main) důvod (reason), proč píšu (I write) tento blog je že moji přátelé z Rumunska budou číst, a vím nikdo nerozumí česky.

Oder vielleicht sollte ich etwas auch in Deutsch schreiben, nur um sicher zu sein, dass ich heute etwas Neues, auch in Einsteins Sprache, gelernt habe.

S pozdravem,

Můj domácí úkol na příští týden

Mám jednu kamaradku. Její jméno je Štefátko. 😀 Ale já jsem unavená…

Aktualizovat (Update): Tak, ona je z Rumunska a žije v Praze. Pracuje jako finance koordinátor. Ona nemá psa ani kočku, ale má myš. Ta myš se jmenuje Mickey Mouse.

Štefátko má také 3 děti… ve jejích snech. 😀 Ona má bratra, ale nemá sestru. A ona je Střelec a má modré oči.

Oni říkají, ona je dobra každý den. Včera pracovala, pak byla v parku se svým kole. Zítra půjde na kurs. To není daleko. Musí jet autobusem 10 minut, pak musí prestoupit na metro.

Štefátko miluje květiny, motýlky, mravenečky a včelky.

A.. a dobrou noc! 🙂

The czech point

While cleaning my computer, on Friday, I found this Czech as a Foreign Language – Assessment test.. The first time I saw it, in the first month after arriving here, I was barely able to understand the first 2 words, from the first sentence, but this Friday I realized I am able to understand without any help, almost half of the test.

And this is how I got motivated to take it seriously and I dedicated some hours yesterday, with the assistance of my boyfriend, into fully understanding it and solving it correctly.


1. Dobrý den, vy … pan Smetana?   (jste, jsi, být, je)

Wait, I had a revelation… there was a time, in the Spring of last year, when I wanted to start a new Faculty – Foreign Languages, at the University of Bucharest, and I was considering German-English. After one year here, I could definitely say that my German has improved, due to the work, my English has also improved and, as bonus, I have been initiated into a new language, not considered before: Czech. A year of study in Bucharest would have costed me almost 800 euro per year. Here I learn all these for free and I am also paid for it, judging merely by the difference between the cost of living in Bucharest and the cost of living in Prague.

So, 2 more years in this direction, on the same speed of learning, and I will be, inevitably, ready to gain Czech citizenship, while also having mastered German and English! 😀

Welcome to paradise!

It may sound like a line from a futuristic movie, right? at least this is how it was for me the first time it bounced into my mind…

I used to know something, from when I was very little… I may have seen it in some movie: a very good way of learning a foreign language is by being shown the things, not by having them translated, in another language, which is also not your native one…

Still, I know it cannot be applied to abstract concepts and describing thoughts or complex structures, but … Wait!

Someone just interrupted me telling me this exact same phrase: “you know when you can say that you understand a language? When you start to pick up phrases from songs…”.

But until then, I picked up some random words: hrnek, sklenice, voda,  bunda… a dal… jakoby…  nebo… … mraky… miluju… pusu… pozor… anděly

You should’ve said Hodně štěstí!

From the series: I feeeel good!! Ta-na Na-na Na… I feeeel goood!! you got the point.

So today I had a written test in the czech language class. Funny :D. After only 3 classes. Even funnier was that in my very short road to work (almost 7 min) I even opened the notebook and read some things with some strange idea in my head that we may have test.

And in the road back home, in a car with a girl colleague (the first time I went in a czech driven car – besides taxi) I found out that I was dreamed as speaking perfect czech. Interesting! I’m very proud of my oniric-land-alter-ego. 😀 Maybe I did live in a previous life around here…

So, to free myself from the karma, this is what I didn’t know in the test:

prase. As in, “malá prase”, how a dear colleague of mine likes to joke.

kde, kam. As in where. But here is the link with explanations..

ošklivý = ugly; vysoký = tall; levný = cheap; and some positive ones, that I don’t remember 😀

– conjugate “to have” at present tense: (já) mám; (ty) máš; (on/ona/ono) ; (my) máme; (vy) máte; (oni/ony/ona) mají.

– conjugate “to go”. As in: jdu, jdeš, jde, jdeme, jdete, jdou.

– and there was another verb that I don’t remember. But more verbs here.

– and another verb, that each had to choose, and I chose “to love”. But the conjugation in the next post 😉

And I forgot to mention that I just had a brilliant desert cup with strawberries and oranges and muesli and sweet cream yogurt, for the amazing price of only 51 czk. No connection with the czech class, I just wanted to brag.

Hezký večer ;)

So far I only had time for two official (paid) czech lessons, but I’m happy to see that things are starting to build up in my head. This evening I was able to recognize the thing from the title.

And as I remember, also this morning, a colleague made me say that nejsem smutná.

Now I should say thanks to my Leo, who encouraged me to install the czech keyboard.

Baby Czech

Am asa o intuitie ca oamenii incep sa-si piarda rabdarea in ceea ce priveste inabilitatea mea de a vorbi in ceha.

Daca te duci intr-un restaurant si vorbesti engleza, ti se ofera un meniu in engleza si apoi indicatii, tot in engleza, un bacis de 15-20% is a must. Cel putin asta am experimentat eu. Din acest motiv, va trebui sa ma straduiesc mai mult decat:

  • nula; jeden, jedna, jedno; dva, dvě; tři; čtyři; pět; šest; sedm; osm; devět; deset;
  • děkuji; dobré ráno; na shledanou; dobrou chuť; prosím;
  • pondělí, úterý, středa, čtvrtek, pátek, sobota, neděle
  • září

si incep cu: Nemluvím česky. 😀