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I don’t know what to eat anymore..

I know, I’m not the only one who has ever been through this. I’m not complaining. I’m just sharing my experience…

You want to know something that nobody tells you? I will tell you. There is no such thing as morning sickness. Because it’s lasting all f* day. From about 1h after breakfast until I fall asleep at night. Ok, it may reduce from intensity while afternoon is approaching, but it’s coming in waves. Sorry. At evening. In a usual day at 10 PM you can cut logs over me.

Ok, not really, I have a very light sleep. Besides having to wake up about 3 times each night to pee, every strange noise wakes me up also… If my Leo happens to have some moments of heavy breathing I have to give him a “hint” to roll over on the other side… Apparently this is a training mode, getting used to sleep only in sessions of 2-3 hours.

I had such a beautiful dream last night, I was teaching English to my little girl. I wish it so badly for that 11 mm creature with that tiny heart beat, that we saw on monitor on Wednesday, to be a girl.

Now, back to the foods. The only thing I could see myself eating at all times is yogurt and unflavored cereal flakes. I cannot stand fresh veggies anymore… From that evening when I threw up only chunks of veggies. All colours. 😦

I cannot stand not even pasteurized orange juice anymore. 😦

My all favourite RioMare cous-cous Insalatissime doesn’t taste the same anymore. My taste buds are completely crazy. I cannot see or smell or even be in the same proximity with the fresh meat or fish shelves.

I ordered food for lunch on Thursday, I just didn’t know what to eat and the idea of a  Zinger from KFC didn’t make me nausea. Yet. And I added also a portion of Crispy Tenders and a mash-potatoes box. The sandwich was ok, but the chicken and the mashed while they got cooled a bit they tasted horribly bitter. Apparently my taste buds confuse spicy with bitter. Or simply that food is not meant to be eaten while is not very hot anymore. Great, now I cannot even conceive trying any fast-food again.

But I still crave hot-dogs. With a lot of mustard. I know they say you should not eat them because they can contain some very harmful bacteria, but I also read that if you boil them right, by yourself, before eating them, they are ok. Today I just couldn’t help it anymore. I found some with 90% meat.

I mean, I think it is still much safer to eat these or already cooked and packed chicken schnitzels (carefully re-heated before eating) than to try to cook meat by yourself, dirtying your hands, knifes, kitchen sink etc.

What else.. I discovered that fresh apples from the garden, hand-picked and very well washed can help a bit with the nausea also. And the Holy ginger root tea. And mint tea or nettle tea, from time to time. Otherwise I don’t even know which other tea to drink.. Everything comes with so many weird plants and ingredients that I don’t know if they are safe or not.

Bye for now. My boiled potatoes with salt and butter are done.

And that bag of salted pistachios kinda flirts with me.


Power dreaming

We are 6 weeks today. I’m starting to feel nausea and food aversions since Friday evening.. but I said maybe is due to eating too much for dinner.

But no, also on Saturday and yesterday, each time, about one and a half hour after eating I was feeling hungry again. But this is the trick.. It’s a messed up sensation, whenever I feel hungry I also feel like my stomach is turning upside down. I cannot eat that often, so I’m drinking water like crazy, 4-5 liters per day.

Yeah.. so morning sickness starts about 1 hour after breakfast and continues all day… until I go to bed. I don’t feel like throwing up, but sometimes I do get to have my mouth full of saliva. What? Too explicit? 😀 Keep reading then, it gets even better.

So last night I was contradicting myself with him, I was telling him I had a lucid dream, before meeting him (in the dream of course) and he said that what I experienced was “power dreaming”. I was saying “lucid dreaming, yes”. And he kept repeating “power dreaming”. Curious.. Let’s ask Google if there is a thing at all – this concept of “power dreaming”. Yeah.. and the dream, I was directing two gay men on how to have a sex scene. Cool, right?

And then, he took me outside and we were waiting for a bus or a metro. We were in an elevator and he asked me, just with his eyes, without any words, “will you ever let go of me?” And I proudly said “Never” and I childishly hugged and kissed him. He then said he wants to take me somewhere, to show me something. I only had my phone with me, in a pocket. And underneath that ankle-long coat I was wearing, I had a white long dominatrix t-shirt. Nevermind, it was an artefact from the lucid dream before.

And I told him I cannot go to a restaurant dressed like that and even to metro, I don’t have my access card with me. Yeah.. from what I remembered, in Bucharest it was not yet possible to buy metro tickets with the phone. So I was asking him for us to go back maybe, so I can change and take my wallet. And I think the dreamed disolved here…

And in another dream I was making hay with my grandma. And it was such a powerful sun burning my face. I think my Leo woke up again in the middle of the night and turned on his lamp to read.. I’m sleeping like crazy and he has insomnia.

Anyway, yeah, power dreaming. Apparently my mind is not that simple.

1 out of 2 plus 0.3

This is the status of the tasks I managed to complete today… I woke up at 6 AM :(( Dad drove mom and I to Pitesti, directly to stay in line to be scheduled for passport. I stayed 1h in that line, outside, in the rain, time in which mom went and paid the fees for pass and driver’s licence.

I managed to complete 0.75 from the passport renewal task, the rest of 0.25 consists in filling up a power of attorney for daddy to pick it up in 10 working days, when it is ready, because I have to fly back until then… And then to find a way for me to receive it.

The driver’s licence task… only 0.25 completed… after I spent almost all day on Tuesday filling up all the medical checks and staying 2h in another line this morning, after I got my order-number for the passport picture and stuff.

The thing is.. Some months ago they have apparently implemented an online appointment service, which seems to fail with honours for some cases, like mine. Plain stupid bureaucracy.

Because, when I had it clear that I can fly to RO, when I booked my plane tickets almost one month ago, there were no more places left to make an appoinment for these days, when I was able to take free day. And currently all places are booked until August 3rd = stupid system.

However, from all info my parents were able to gather from other people and what I read also on the internet, there was still a possibility to show up there directly, without appointment, in an additional line.

Yeah.. after waiting 2h in that line, (I was the 3rd when I got there), so happy that I finally got inside, I am asked: “Do you have an appointment for today?” “No”. “Is your driver’s licence expiring today?” “No”. “Good-bye, then. Next!!”

“Wait, what, why?!”, I said. “The line is only for expired, stolen, lost or name-change”. “What?!!” “I didn’t know this… Nobody told me this… So what you’re trying to say now is that, if my driver’s licence is not yet expired, I have to come again when it will, in order to make it? Please, I don’t live in RO anymore, I cannot come again also in August when it will be expired or when I can find more places for an online appointment. Please!”

And then she told me to go to the Bucharest Office, because, seemingly,  only there they do also non-expired and without appointment. And to stop arguing with her and to leave, because I’m losing the time for the other people.

I didn’t know if to feel ashamed, perplexed or just amused by the situation. But then, when I found out that the fee paid in my county, is not valid also in Bucharest Office and I will have to pay it again, I knew exactly how I felt: very angry. And is not about the money that I was angry, I was angry because of the faulty overall process.

In conclusion… I tried to be a diligent citizen and to show up here in time, before the expiration, and I found a bug in the system. Somebody please help me fix it.

Or to change my permanent residence, do it in CZ and give it a big fat Zero fuck to this faulty RO system. 😀 But then I will have to do the passport again on the new address 😦 … That’s why my EGO is never satisfied, because it didn’t have from where to learn better, by growing up in this system.

Oh yeah.. The extra 0.3.. Something else that didn’t work as expected showed up, right after we returned from Pitesti and we had to stay another 30 min in the bank to fix it, but it was something that will help us also for the future.

Conclusion 2: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune AND Pluto are currently retrograde. So, I should be grateful I managed to complete even this 1 out of 2. See you again in August.. Or should I pay a visit also to the Bucharest Office (pun intended)?

Crossed over 1 million

Since I had to give up killing minions when they moved me into this wing without wifi, I was struggling to find some fun meditative way of killing time. And some days ago I noticed I have this Bejeweled 3 installed on my tablet. It’s fun and it’s very successful in putting my thoughts in order while playing.

And after surprising myself yesterday with a 900k score, way higher than previous ones, now I just passed the milestone of 1.000.000 points :D.

Ignore that the total time says 2h, it’s because I had to put tablet away when doctor came and then for lunch…Screenshot_2016-03-19-13-18-28

Now, unrelated to the game, last night I dreamed about some millions also… a fix figure of 7 million RON, to be more precise.

And about me having two lovely children, Silvia and Serban, and, after putting them to sleep in their beds, I was about to cheat on my husband at some gathering in the living room of my house where everyone was drinking red wine from what ever cup or glass or bottle they could find.. Deep passionate kissing counts as cheating? Or maybe that one was the actual husband!? :))

My first portrait drawing ever

Last evening at around 6 it came to me the idea to try drawing a portrait, one that I saw on facebook at some point and I saved it in my phone. Now I saw it can be found here. Please note the originals are digital..

So this is my first portait ever. Not even in school I had to draw something lke this… and I know the quality is proportional with the time spent in the details, but so far I’m happy with the result, considering I did it while looking at the picture in the phone and lying in bed, not even at the desk. It took me 3h the draft with mechanical pencil 0,5 mm and another 4h to color it with normal colored pencils.



And I am aware that the girl in the draft looks more cute than the one in the colored portrait 😀 it’s because of the sparks in the eyes and slightly different shape of the mouth, but the colored one seems to look more like the original. Anyway it’s much harder to work lights with colors, especially on manual drawing, when you don’t have the opaque white pencil, which is first thing I’ll buy when I’ll be out. And a set of water painting pencils. The pictures are  made with the phone, HDR mode.

day 5.. +6+7+8+9

555994_501742499948476_1379520313_nThis made me happy today (day 5):
I found it on FB and I know that it represents the Broadway towers, Gloucestershire, England. It instantly reminded me of the landscape I saw in my mind when I wrote this.
Day 6: I don’t remember anything about this day. Which is actually making me happy.

Day 7: I took the afternoon off from work and after I solved the embassy thing, I had the idea to climb by foot to Petrin 🙂 And somewhere very close to Nebozizek I found these heavenly snowdrops:IMAG0438
Day 8: I found out about one Screenwriting workshop in Prague!!! Screenwriting, in English, 3 days of workshop, at the end of March!!!
Day 9: I’m going to cinema with my Leo, to “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”.

Fallen (2007)

Turns out my crush for Paul Wesley is growing minute with minute as I watch this movie, where he plays an 18 years old guy.. while being 25. I like him much more here, than in some Vampire Diaries episodes where he is so skinny and wearing make-up..

Anyway. turns out I like the story/plot of this movie also 🙂 And the fact that he has spoken in 3 languages in the first half of the first episode, besides speaking with his dog, what can I say.. he must be divine :DD

These Mars in Libra people… with Venus in Cancer. And Leo Sun. :DD

PS-Update. WOW, this was my 555 post!!! Congratulations me for managing to keep a blog for this long!