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day 5.. +6+7+8+9

555994_501742499948476_1379520313_nThis made me happy today (day 5):
I found it on FB and I know that it represents the Broadway towers, Gloucestershire, England. It instantly reminded me of the landscape I saw in my mind when I wrote this.
Day 6: I don’t remember anything about this day. Which is actually making me happy.

Day 7: I took the afternoon off from work and after I solved the embassy thing, I had the idea to climb by foot to Petrin 🙂 And somewhere very close to Nebozizek I found these heavenly snowdrops:IMAG0438
Day 8: I found out about one Screenwriting workshop in Prague!!! Screenwriting, in English, 3 days of workshop, at the end of March!!!
Day 9: I’m going to cinema with my Leo, to “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”.

Fallen (2007)

Turns out my crush for Paul Wesley is growing minute with minute as I watch this movie, where he plays an 18 years old guy.. while being 25. I like him much more here, than in some Vampire Diaries episodes where he is so skinny and wearing make-up..

Anyway. turns out I like the story/plot of this movie also 🙂 And the fact that he has spoken in 3 languages in the first half of the first episode, besides speaking with his dog, what can I say.. he must be divine :DD

These Mars in Libra people… with Venus in Cancer. And Leo Sun. :DD

PS-Update. WOW, this was my 555 post!!! Congratulations me for managing to keep a blog for this long!

Mojo fun

Tonight at karaoke, in Mojo, I resonated very much with this song:
and the girl who sang it was very good! Playing on repeat, right now.

Too bad I couldn’t stay more in the karaoke because my head suddenly started to hurt.. lost my tolerance to smoke in the past year. 😦 Which was good actually, because I caught the last metro to Dristor 2.

Put your lighters in the sky..

I guess even rockets fall once in a while… because of lack of fuel. Something happened this evening with an apogee around 20:45 Prague time. Maybe one day I will get to find out what.

But until then, as a lesson from my today’s acting class, I take it that there are some parts of everyone of us not very cool to play with..

Liber la avioane

Nu mi-am dorit niciodata sa locuiesc in preajma unui aeroport.

Ideea e ca ceva s-a intamplat cu micutzul aeroport praghez  pentru ca de ieri dupa-amiaza s-a intensificat exponential numarul de avioane care survoleaza spatiul aerian – de deasupra spatiului in care locuiesc, care e destul de aproape de spatiul in care merg la munca – in medie, la aproape fiecare 10 min trece cate un avion. Si trec destul de jos ale naibii :D… aseara a fost ingrozitor… si azi-noapte… azi m-am mai linistit… am reusit sa identific si sa ignor zgomotul.

Compatimesc oamenii care locuiesc langa aeroporturi…

Update: aham.. deci cele care zboara pe deasupra capului meu de fapt aterizeaza..

Ca de 1 aprilie

1. Ce vor spune cunoştinţele tale despre tine la înmormântarea ta?
… acest lucru nu se va intampla niciodata. vampirii sunt nemuritori…

2. Dacă ai avea toţi banii din lume, dar tot ar trebui să ai un job, ce ai alege să lucrezi?
pai daca as avea toti banii din lume, iar lumea ar trebui sa existe in continuare fara ei, inseamna ca faptul ca am toti banii din lume nu are absolut nicio valoare. in fine.. as lucra in publicitate: in a starni interesul lumii pentru toti banii din lume pe care ii am. hmmm… oare norocul functioneaza pe acelasi principiu?!*

3. Ce va conta cel mai mult pentru tine la vârsta de 90 de ani?
adica in 2073… oops… iti vine sa crezi ca nici acum nu stiu ce conteaza cel mai mult pentru mine?

4. Ce ai schimba la tine şi la viaţa ta dacă ai afla că Dumnezeu nu există sau (dacă nu crezi într-un Dumnezeu) că există?
l-as inventa, ca doar lucrez in publicitate. ar fi singurul mod de a justifica faptul ca detin toti banii din lume.

5. Ţi-e frică de moarte? De ce?
nu. ia ghici de ce..

6. Dacă mâine ai pierde TOT ce ai, care ar fi prima persoană la care te-ai duce pentru ajutor?
adica daca as pierde toti banii din lume… pai, la mine. adica la blog sau la jurnal.. ca sa-mi amintesc unde i-am pierdut 😀

7. Care-i cel mai mare regret al vieţii tale?
ca n-am mai lasat niste bani si pentru… lume…

8. Cum s-ar schimba viaţa ta dacă ai ştii că eşti nemuritor?
ok. acum m-am enervat. singurul scop al acestui sir de intrebari e sa te puna pe ganduri, nu?

9. De unde ştim că toţi oamenii văd culorile la fel?
hai ca intrebarea asta nu prea isi are locul aici, e mult prea usoara.. gandurile au acum un moment de respiro bine meritat.

10. Dacă ai avea 30 de secunde pentru a spune ceva întregii lumi, ce ai spune?
multumesc.. ?!

*Revenind la noroc. Pai, daca eu am tot norocul din lume, inseamna ca… … nimeni nu are nevoie de el?

It started from bread

So it started from me complaining that I don’t have an Albert just behind my building, like him… and we got dreaming until the part when I will be submitting the idea to build an Albert, to the Stodulky mair-house, and after that I will be cutting the inauguration ribbon, I will be getting so much success with my idea, that I will be having a star of celebration and the key to the city, as citizen of honor, and after that Stodulky and Campulung-Muscel will become brothers. 😀

Update: changed my mind, I don’t like Albert anymore, I would prefer a Tesco or a Billa…