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… “into the water”

Yeah, after a stop for the performances from X Factor Romania, I came back to this song.

I don’t have much to write today, I kinda feel all over the place, I just wanted to share that yesterday I ended up having lunch and also dinner at the restaurant, by cause of ineffective communication of plans. I blame it on Mercury Retrograde :D. Lunch at Tom’s at Olesna and dinner at Jiny Svet (fancy one).


And I also cleaned all the house – upstairs in the morning and downstairs after lunch – and I made a symbolic Christmas Tree (We reached a compromise, as Leo wanted no tree at all, for reasons of his own.)


Did I mention on my birthday I will have New Moon conjunct my Sun? And transit Venus conjunct Jupiter and transit Jupiter conjunct Venus. And retrograde Mercury conjunct South Node. I’m still searching for interpretations for these.

Imagine me

This morning we drove to Ostrava. Ok, I just sat in the right seat, he drove. I spent 4500 crowns.. and he bought just one light bulb. As follows.

The most important part is that I woke up with an unbearable emotional tension. Astrological coincidence: Sun transit conjunct my Chiron-Moon. I have another title for a book that I would like to write: “The guy I dreamed about last night just ran 17 km”. Epic title. I dreamed I was walking on a staircase, in an apartment building, I got to the 8th floor and I was wondering where is the door, when I suddenly saw that one of the doors was semi-open, the one from the left, as I was standing. So I told to myself that maybe he was expecting me, that’s why he left the door open so I won’t get lost.

I got in, I’ve been there tens of times, but somehow each time the setting is different, he showed up and I ended up on a couch, while he went to do something in the kitchen. He was in pajama pants. Then some other girl showed up, black hair, I invited her next to me. At the end we were 4 girls and he came with some tags, like some personalized invitations for a board game, it was some small red label, with an arrow on one end, but I didn’t see anything written on it, and he told me that in one of the following nights will be a game and that I don’t need to carry “my stuff” with me, as it will be imported automatically or something.

Then I went in another building, to “the second apartment” that my family has – that is also a recurring place in my dreams – and I was bringing a nice soft blue door mat for the entry. In reality my family never had a second apartment.

Ok, I woke up normally, the emotional tension started when it came to me the idea to buy a 1 room apartment in Bucharest. So I started searching for the offers, during coffee, I had even calculated how much interest and for how many years I would have to pay a credit.

Anyway,  I started feeling that I’m currently living in a puzzle that only has 2 pieces missing and another puzzle prepared itself on a white board, where only 1 piece was in its place, yet a very attractive one. Obviously I cannot match that one piece in my almost finished puzzle, as it is part of a different scenery. Long story short, by the time I got to Avion shopping part I developed a panic attack. I’m ashamed… Lucky I wasn’t alone.

So the first stop was in Tchibo. Here I managed to calm down to my senses. Bought yet one more active-wear t-shirt (this would be my 4th… none used for active stuff so far), a sports bra, finally I found something perfectly suitable for my body, and one new pair of running pants. And a pouch for the phone. Until next Wednesday still holds the excuse that I cannot run because I’m under antibiotics and the jaw is still swelled and bruised. But after I’ll have my stitches removed and after the team-building, nobody will stop me.

And then we went to Ikea. I bought myself a proper home office chair!!!!!! Yeeyyyyy. Finally! And I arranged my office space upstairs, so no more working from the bed anymore. I hope this will help me with my energy level management during the day and I will be able to fall asleep faster at night.

And then, after we ate and we were heading to the car, guess what: an open hair saloon just materialized itself in front of my eyes! 🙂 After how much I suffered two Sundays ago when I couldn’t find one open in Fydek-Mistek and I played cutting my hair and painting it myself, I got very upset, not because it didn’t turn out good, but because I felt one more time that everything is so unbearably hard for me here.

And then he wanted to look a bit also in Takko. He looked. I tried on and then I bought. A new pair of summer shorts, a lovely shirt and a flowers tiara:

I’m so happy for my new look:


So I may say that after today there is just one more piece of my puzzle missing.


.. I was celebrating exactly 11 years ago. I was in Spain back then, I bought a cake, some sparkling wine and some chips and I celebrated in that apartment in Cartagena, with Catalina, Evi from Greece, Ivan from Italy, Daniel from Germany and.. if there was someone else I don’t remember. I was a bit sad because the portuguese guys weren’t there also.

So, 22 is my personal year number in 2017. As it was in 2008.. And 1999 and 1990 (although 40, respectively 31, so not exactly 22).

I remember 1999 was one of the most beautiful years of my life. I started a personal diary and wrote a story about Anna and Leo. It was so exciting writing it. It was the year of the total eclipse, visible from Romania. I remember it as an exciting summer, although, until I got my first job and started living alone, all summers seemed the same.

In 1990 my brother was born. And I started something, that kept me busy for the next 18 years: school.

2008… towards the end of the year I saw London for the first time… You know, few months before the end of the year I read somewhere that 2008 is my 22 personal year and there was a picture in that paragraph, with the Big Ben from London, so I wanted to fulfill the prophecy.

I have some plans for 2017, I am waiting for some energies to materialise, for some answers, that will trigger some changes.. We’ll see, what the universe has in store for me. It could be anything. Anything.

Update: a picture with the cake I made for today, a light tart with pudding base and strawberry and cream, with almond flakes, banana slices and white chocolate:


Primavara de la naftalina


Nu pot spune ca sunt perfectionista… dar parca unele momente in viata apar ceva mai aproape de perfectiune decat altele.

Astia pe-aici nici nu au auzit de martisoare.

Iar Pastele il sarbatoresc pe 1 aprilie… 😀 … dar, parca, primaverile care nu sunt, incep sa semene cu cele care sunt. Am descoperit niste chestii foarte interesante, care ma bucura mult, dar pe care nu am de gand sa le impartasesc.

In definitiv, nu ma bucura nimic mai mult decat sa stiu ca (si) oamenii pe care ii iubesc sunt fericiti.

Take the patience to be you

Model: Roxana Stefania Arsene
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