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A 12h flight – THM

Moon: “But I am curious though, Jason… since we have now all this flight until Havana for ourselves… maybe you can clear some of my insecurities…

How did you resist loving me that much and not burning with the desire to see me and to feel me, every day? Did you also dream of me like I dream of you?”

Jason: “Well, Moon, I did manage because everything I did, every single day, I did it thinking about how to assure a stable future for us to grow old together. My steps are always few months/years ahead of yours. I do have dreams also, but different kind of dreams. Most of the times I don’t even understand what I’ve dreamed until months later.

But you need to understand that I’m also human.. a simple mortal.. and I have also periods of lethargy, when things don’t work out exactly how I expected they would. Or when I simply have to wait. For us to grow enough to accept our differences. And create safe boundaries of what is me and what is you.

You need to trust me a bit more. The best things in life are worth the waiting.”

And he takes her hand into his and passionately inserts his fingers between hers. Then gently puts his head on her chest and closes his eyes.

6h left until the landing.

“Moon, what was the most important thing that you learned with me?”

“Quite too late, really.. I finally understand that loving someone doesn’t make you responsible for saving them from themselves. A totally emotional healthy person will know when not to get dirty with someone else’s drama. But most of all, will be ok with it, not feeling guilty or selfish.

Loving doesn’t mean sacrifice. That’s dependency.”

The answer is No – The Healing Moon

***timeless and spaceless***

“I don’t want to marry you, Jason. If I ever wanted or imagined it, now I definitely don’t want it”, says Moon.

“I am a different person, I am not the same one that fell in love with you when we first met, definitely not the one that I was when I gave birth to our first daughter.”

“What I want is to love each other. Simple and Free. I don’t need you and you don’t need me to marry you.”

“Vreau sa ne putem povesti cele mai intime vise si sa ne exprimam cele mai intime si ciudate dorinte si sa simtim ca ne acceptam unul pe altul, ca si cum am fi bucati din acelasi suflet”.

“Vreau sa fim in primul rand prieteni, care se iubesc profund, de aproape sau de la distanta. Sa ne simtim indeajuns de confortabil incat sa putem sa ne consultam pe diverse teme spirituale si materiale. Astrologice si financiare. Gastronomice si artistice. Sa ne intelegem si sa ne acceptam pentru ceea ce suntem, complet dezgoliti, atat fizic cat si in suflet. Sa ne iertam greselile trecute si viitoare, atat fata de altii cat si fata de noi.”

“Sa ne dorim si sa cream impreuna putin cate putin, o lume mai buna. Sa ne incurajam si sa ne energizam reciproc, fara a simti ca ne sacrificam unul altuia dorintele si visele.”

“Indiferent ca suntem la 2m sau la peste 2000 km si 2 ore distanta, sa fim capabili sa simtim ca suntem impreuna, telepatic si spiritual, fara sa ne deranjam unul pe altul.”

Moon over Havana – THM

September 7th, 2023

4:20 AM

Jason is waiting in front of the 10 stories building on the Constructors’ Boulevard with a medium-size suitcase and a small bouquet of 3 strings of Lily of the Valley, in front of a dark windows fully electrical SUV.

She is slowly opening the armed building door, while carrying her own suitcase and a small handbag and she smiles at him. Her face lights up with every step she makes.

At this point he cannot contain his smile either and showing his white perfect young teeth, even if he is past 40 of age, he leans forward to kiss her. After brushing his hand gently through her hair, he leans to help her put the suitcase in the trunk of the car, while the driver carefully places his next to hers.

Under the discreet stare of the driver, they share another long kiss and slide on the back seat of the car, pulling up the separator, while the car starts moving.

  • “It’s been 5 years since I haven’t seen you”, says Jason, but you haven’t changed a bit.

Of course she has. She has way over 20 pounds more than when they first met, but she was barely 20ish then. Now she is a mom of three… from which two are his.

Ok, the first one, Josie, is definitely his. As for Lia, we can say with reasonable certainty that she had a bit of divine intervention in coming on this planet.

Yet she is still looking very attractive in his eyes. Especially now after having her new Business degree and owning her own company. For Jason love was passing too much through his brain…

  • “You don’t look too bad yourself either”, blushes Moon. “I must admit you really took me by surprise with this one week escapade. How’s Meredith, btw?
  • “She is at home with.. (wait I forgot the name of the child that Jason had with Meredith, let’s hope he didn’t also). C’mon you know we’ve been separated for more than 2 years now, since she found out I was seeing Klara. Why you had to twist the knife in my wound?”
  • “Because you don’t admit it even to yourself that you simply cannot be “the man of one woman”. You are just not built monogamous.”
  • “I’m with you, right now. Let’s enjoy it, please.”

And they share another long kiss, with their hands exploring a little bit more, through the clothes.

In the heat of the moment, while carefully trying to take his light jacket off, apparently not as careful as needed, something fell from one of the pockets. Instead of showing signs of being caught off guard, he raises to the occasion and takes Moon’s hand into his, bringing into the light the ring that she had on her finger.

  • “I couldn’t take it off. I know he died. I know it’s been more than one year already, but Jesus will always be in my heart and for us flying now to his home country made me even more emotional. You know I loved him and you also know that it’s always been…”
  • “Please don’t say it”, stopping her with a kiss.
  • “Just listen!”
  • “I have waited for too long. From the first moment I saw you, I knew you will be the “last one”. I have always known that you are the one I’m going to grow old next to. I’ve had my share of affairs, yes, some you know about, some you don’t… some more passionate or dramatic than others, but a piece of my heart has always been with you, no matter where you were and with whom. I was shocked when I learned that Jesus died, but in the same moment I knew I want to be Ben’s father also.”

While the car was about to park in front of the airport, she hears him say:

  • “Moon, will you marry me?”

Captured – The Healing Moon

November 10th 2021 – one week after that episode with Moon’s nightmare, it’s Tara’s birthday and she invited Moon and her current partner to a transcendental meditation lecture.

We don’t know much about what this means and what it implies, but it sounds fancy… and holistic. Transcendental meditation. Perfectly suitable for Moon and Jesus’s object of work. As they were a bit late, because their baby-sitter cancelled in the last minute and they had to negotiate with Josie, to watch over her younger siblings and tuck them in to bed, when they arrived at the lecture almost all seats were occupied.

Tara, impatient, kept looking for them and when she finally saw them she raised a hand to catch their attention. She had saved them two seats.

– Jesus Espejo, he presents himself, Holistic Therapy Consultant, and then adds laughing, Moon’s new husband.

– He is joking, interrupts Tara, they are not married, they only had Ben together.

– Jack Forester, said Tara’s date. Photographer. Wait a minute, I know you, says, looking at Moon.

Moon is blushing, but she says she doesn’t know who he is, if they ever met before she doesn’t remember him. So we believe her.

After they catch their breath they take their seats and pay attention to the lecture. The whole lecture. Very attentive. No giggling at all. If we hadn’t known Moon we may say she has a “thing” for men whose name starts with J.

Everything it’s over now – The Healing Moon

Anna opens the door and says: Guten Morgen, wie geht es Ihnen heute, Frau Sane? Sie haben Ihre Freundin Tara hier, Sie moechte Ihnen heute besuchen, sind Sie ok?

Moon opens her eyes and sees herself surrounded by white walls. Next to her, in bed, there is a doll in a pink tutu with the name Lia on its chest. The wall over her table is full of childish drawings all signed Josie. There is a broken badminton butterfly next to the garbage bin.

Moon looks confused.

She gets down from the bed and notices the floor is wet, something orange tainted her hospital white socks.

– Hi Moon? How are you feeling today?, starts Tara.

Moon instantly becomes pale and visibly in pain.

– I brought another drawing from Josie, she didn’t want to come herself, she said she cannot stand the smell anymore. And I brought you also a piece of cake from Meredith and Jason’s wedding.

At this point Moon starts screaming in agony.

– It’s ok, my love, I’m here. You’re home, everything is safe. You had another nightmare.

Just few seconds later a baby starts screaming his lungs out.

After kissing Moon one more time on her forehead, Jesus slowly stands from the bed and while still holding his eyes on Moon he starts moving towards the other side of the room. He leans over the crib and lifts up an adorable baby boy with huge brown eyes. From the other room, Josie barges in, with Lia in her arms begging to be put down.

Ruffus comes also, half asleep, while chewing on the poor badminton butterfly.

Two days after – The Healing Moon

On Monday, Jesus looked distant all morning, yet concentrated with training the new intern.

He appeared so confident, that even Moon, although she knew everything that moves around that place already, she would’ve joined them just to enjoy everything being explained one more time by him.

At 12:55 he shows up in front of her desk, now with a sunshine face, trying to contain his overwhelming smile and says:
– Will you join me for lunch or you want me to bring you something?
– Sure, thank you, I’ll join you. I have something I would like to consult with you.

After they almost finished their meals, she started fidgeting and playing with moving the food from one place to another in the plate.

She finally catches some air and shoots:
– It’s not fair to you.

Baffled, he leans a bit closer to her, over the table, and makes a gesture trying to express “I’m listening”.
– I will support you with anything you need here at work.
– I know, you are amazing, knowing and doing so many things, I am very grateful that you are always available.

– This is too unstable. As exciting and tempting as it is, our connection, it comes in tornado mode and brooms everything around.

– I see.. he slowly added.

– I ran our Holistic compatibility report, I asked Meredith for help in the astrology department, hope you don’t mind. She wrote me that Uranus square Venus-Mars gives this deep electrical attraction, but that’s all that is. I need stability, especially for my girls.
I need someone to be with us 24/7, the girls demand a lot of attention at this stage, you know Josie, you noticed she is a special kid, very vivid imagination, she needs to be monitored closely and have a well established routine, after everything she’s been through. And as I said, is not fair to you. Jesus, I don’t want to put that much responsibility over your shoulders, you need to live your life, to explore your full potential, not to tie yourself prematurely with us.
I know maybe you haven’t even tought about this, this far, but I had to disseminate it, well before it unfolded. I must think first about the future of my daughters.

– I understand, Moon. I know it must have been hard for you to tell me all this and I respect your reasons.

– We can let more time pass, see how the things unfold. I think we can be of very much help to each other here, on professional level, here at work. I’m planing to expand the Angels, this is my priority now, to attract more funds to have a stable practice here, I need it to become financially stable, so that I can get enought credit to buy a house. I don’t think I mentioned before, but, the rent for the house where we live now, is still paid by my “ex-husband”. If Jason decides to marry Meredith I cannot accept this anymore, so we will have to move out.

– I see. But I’m asking you to let me take care of you, Moon. You need to be taken care also, you have also been through many life changing situations, which made you grow up faster than most. I cannot imagine how hard it must have been for you to live without a mom. I understand that you want to make sure Josie and Lia will never feel this. My intentions are and will always be to add value to your life, not to take from you. I definitely don’t want to make you feel like I’m taking advantage of your vulnerability.

Ok, so now we also kiss – The Healing Moon

September 19th 2020

All house is full of kids, from ages 8 to 1, celebrating Lia’s birthday.

2 of course, as you successfully did the math yourself, from the other episodes. 😀

At one point every high voice shuts and Moon rushes surprised from the kitchen, where she was preparing to serve the fruit cake, and she sees Jesus standing out from the middle of the crowd, doing some tricks with cups, which amazingly captivated all eyes.

Josie and Lia know Jesus well and they like him, as he was occasionally baby-sitting, when Moon had doctor appointments or errands to run, he was very pleased to teach them Spanish. Remember Moon remained to raise the children alone only with the help of the Angels.

The Angels is the name of the foundation that helps people through Holistic Healing Therapy, where Moon started working, after she got resurrected, as no other field seemed appropriate anymore for her now.

This is where she met Jesus. She didn’t notice him really until a couple of months ago when they were at a small barbecue party by the lake, celebrating 5 years since The Angels Foundation was… founded.

With his rebelious curled hair and very brown eyes, he was not her type at all. But now that she already had her blue-eyed and blond-haired genes from Jason and her, passed forward with Josie and Lia, she started to give herself a break in this aspect and not reject guys from the start just because they are smiling at her with a different color of eyes.

Besides, Jesus was also much younger than her, younger by more than 20% her age, and if it were to find herself another partner she was looking for a stable mid-life age type with enough financial means and experience to feel comfortable raising the girls together.

Jesus was almost the opposite of Jason, very open and friendly, jumping to help anyone, anytime, basically the guy next door, that you easily put in the friend zone from the first moment you meet.

About four months ago, Jesus had a case with an abused mom which needed to rebuild her life with her twin toddlers, away from her alcoholic husband. And he realized it might be good to consult also with Moon in order to see her perspective and be able to put himself in the client’s shoes and relate better to her struggle, so she asked her colleague Moon for some help. After they managed to put the young mom more or less back on her track, the time came for this barbecue party.

He was multi-tasking, taking care of the grill and also playing the role of the children’s personal bartender, preparing them all sort of lemonades and virgin cocktails.

At one point she looks up from her stuff, takes a deep breath and notices the blue sky and a small breeze through her hair, when she gets hit in the face by a badminton butterfly, waking her up from her reverie.

She heads to the table with the food and from a different direction Jesus arrives apparently on a trajectory for occupying the same exact place.

While having this serendipitous moment of being too close to each other, she noticed he was holding a glass with some orangey beverage in it. He hands it to her, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, as if, just 2 minutes before, she had requested this custom-made beverage just for herself. But they hadn’t even had the chance to say Hi to each other for that day.

She looked at him, straight into his eyes and she didn’t know what to do, if to take it or not. It was smelling like it was not an art-piece suitable for children. When almost 5 seconds passed and he was still in the same position of handing the glass to her, she felt the awkwardness and she took it, out of a mixture of fear and hope that he hadn’t noticed she was reluctant to accept it and also praying that nobody else spotted this ridiculous moment.

She said thanks with a seemingly retained smile and each went back to their “places of battle” they were assigned for that day.

The same cheerful guy is now occupying a place in her living room, captivating her also, that she jumps next to him in the middle or the crowd, to try to do the trick herself.

He has such an amazing influence on her, energizing her at a visceral level, making her react in ways she never knew she was capable anymore and experiencing organic happiness again, after so much time when she got convinced that now that she is a single mom she needs to be very responsible, not allowing herself even to joke anymore.

She learned he got himself under her skin long before the conscious part of her brain noticed. It was in that moment when she was shopping for a pink tutu for Lia, when a grey hoodie with two dinosauri with very short arms caught her attention. It was written “Hug Me” on its chest, it was cute and funny. And that’s when she had a flash of desire of buying that for herself and puting it on some day when Jesus is also around, shocked to learn that she was indeed yearning for a hug from him.

After the party ended, Jesus was the last one to leave and, with a hand on the door knob, after scanning around to make sure all house is back into place, without saying anything, he made a step closer to those two creatures in front of him, owned by a face which was now so naturally smiling, even also with her ears, and leaned to Moon’s lips, touching them with his, in an appropriately amount of moist union, which only lasted for 1 second.

Different in so many ways, yet that felt the most natural thing in the world, for both of them. So beautiful.

To be continued.

One month later – THM

Klara is back online. 🙂

– So, did you have enough time to meditate?

– Jason!, Hi. … Meditate?!

– Yeah, about what I wrote you last time. That obsessions are not good.

– Jason, you don’t even know me. Seriously, you have no idea what has been going on in my life since the last time I saw you. I doubt you had an idea at all, even when we were seeing each other… in classes. More or less. You got stuck on something that I told you, something that happened almost 10 years ago and you just cannot see anything else aside that. And you come to me with the thing that obsessions are not good.

– ?!

– Yes, you don’t know anything at all about me. You know actually this makes me feel disappointed. I’ve been living in an illusion and you in an obsession. I always had this feeling of warmth coming from you, as if you were aware of everything that I was doing, I mean, in the good way, like watching me in a form of a guardian angel. Now I realize, maybe, the one that was guiding me was one of Moon’s angels. Btw, how is Moon, is she ok?

– Leave Moon aside from this, please. I mean, seriously, you were dreaming of me guiding your steps, you know I have my own life also.

– So then why we still continue having this conversation? It’s late and I want to go to bed.

– Oh, yeah, I forgot you’re 7h behind me.

Or ahead. Actually I lost track which one of the two characters was in Mexico.

– But seriously, Jason, I don’t know what you want from me. People do grow up, it’s been 10 years, move on. (Ok, actually it’s been 9, but Klara was rounding up for dramatic effect). I mean, have you even seen my Linkedin profile, just out of curiosity? I started watching “The Good Witch”. I think I found my role-model, what I want to become in the next 10 years.

– Got it, blonde girl. Actually this is what I do remember about you and smile, I remember how blonde you were. Cassie is quite the opposite of blonde..

– You know Cassie? 😀

– Of course, I’m at season 4 already.

– What?! But they didn’t even start filming for season 4.

– Well, I guess you understand where I am, now. Where I stand in your life, as long as I can see your future, what’s the point in being up to date with your past? Do you even remember how you got that job in the first place?

– Good joke. Sure, now you are trying to charm me, I thought the shoes of the angel I was seeing you were too big for you to walk in them so you rejected the role I offered you.

– Cassie… a, sorry, Klara – I was just trying to get to know you. I mean, if Cassie is not the perfect peaceful character, I don’t know who else might be.

– Good night Jason. Kiss Meredith from me 😉

The Healing Moon :)

Previously in “The Healing Moon” (everything what I was capable of inventing all these years, since I wrote the first chapter in 2010):

  • Meredith is the actual partner of Jason, with whom she had a baby boy named Michael
  • Meredith was the pediatrician of Jason’s girl, Josie, the one he had with Moon
  • and he had to raise alone for a while
  • until Moon got resurrected again, because the angels saw that Josie was suffering too much without her mom and started to lose the contact with reality
  • Moon was pregnant when she died, but when she came back to life the baby was still there, it was a baby girl they named Lia
  • Moon is raising both daughters alone now, with the help of the angels
  • Klara is a former colleague of Jason, from the time he is was living in Germany
  • now Klara lives and works in Mexico
  • Tara is one of Moon’s close friends, with whom she was sharing her stuff, in the period when Jason went missing

Ok, so the thing is, apparently Jason had some fortunate time to do some meditation and try to solve a part of his life’s struggles and he started to remember the good times he spent in the company of Klara. He became curious to see what happened in her life since they haven’t seen each other and, when he found her blog, in German, he was shocked to realize that Klara never managed to get over him.

And this is how he slowly started to open up and talk with Moon about her. And then he wrote her a comment on her blog that “obsessions are not good”.

Ok, ok, I didn’t figure out the plot of it entirely, but what will happen is that Klara starts chating with Jason and at one point Jason writes her:

“I didn’t want to keep contact with you during all these years because I wanted you to grow in your life without the fear that you are ever owing something to me. I helped you when I knew how, but I couldn’t intervene more, there were some things that you had to live through just yourself, alone, although it wasn’t easy for me not to contact you.”

Klara remains speechless when she reads… she starts typing but she doesn’t know what to write, nothing seems appropriate enough with what she actually feels. Then she sees another message from Jason:

“I was afraid that, if I had ever contacted to tell you I do miss you, you would take the first flight back and give up everything you’ve built so far.”

And then Klara finally replies:

“Yes, you are right, I did think about it this way at the beginning, I was honestly hoping for you to give a sign that you want me. But since you didn’t, for so long, especially after I found out that you got married, I tried to do something with my life also. Now I would definitely not fall for something like this, I did move on, even if I sometimes like to fantasize over the opposite of this, just for fun.”

And Jason replies: “I love you”.

Klara disconnects.

Jason and Klara

Ok, maybe “relationship” was too much to describe my connection with Klara. It was more like a teacher-student friendship, where the roles of student or teacher weren’t clearly established, each one could be either, depending on the context.

– Klara? Is there any connection with your colleague Klara who leads the business planning division, in Mexico?, asked Moon surprised.

– Yes, she is the same. She did achieve quite a lot in these past 10 years since I haven’t seen her.

I remember a particular situation, when we auditioned for a master class. We were sitting for a juice at the coffee shop next to the faculty campus, where the audition took place.

At one point she started remembering her audition and she was telling us, yet mostly trying to convince herself, that she thinks it went well. She looked quite drained and I could even sense she was nervous, although I didn’t ask myself at that time if she was nervous because she was sitting next to me or because of her audition.

At first I didn’t pay attention at what she was saying because I was immersed in my own thoughts. As I was finding my seat at the table I noticed the committee from the audition, they were sitting for a coffee break just few tables away.. Yeah, and Klara at one point started to talk a bit louder, thing I didn’t like, as I didn’t want her to put me in a bad light and ruin my chances to get the master class, should the committee see me with her.

So I touched her right hand gently, to catch her attention, and softly told her that she should be careful at what she is saying. And then she suddenly became pale and started talking about her purpose in life. I was very surprised to notice how sensitive this girl really was and I felt a bit sorry for stealing her even that little excitement that it was showing above her sadness. But then I was saved by the waitress, which came with a wooden treasure box. They were serving the bill in a treasure box, I found it funny and I showed it to her trying to cheer her up a bit. “Hang in there, child, everything is going to be alright, and eventually you will find also your purpose in life”, I was thinking to myself.

– You liked her, you moron! Jumped Moon. Why did you let her go?

– It was a long story. Yes, I did like her, but from liking her to wanting to keep her as a partner it was a long road..

Mind you, when I met her, she gave me the impression that I was the Sun for her, she didn’t have a job and she was a bit of a mess in her emotional life also. It was too much responsibility, I couldn’t bear the risk of making her dependent on me, so I had to be very careful at interacting with her, not to give her too much and to make her suffer even more. She had to fix her own life alone, at first, which would raise her self-confidence.

As the months and the years passed by, she did start to improve her life and I remember one time when I saw her at a lecture, it was about one year after that audition, I was very impressed with how much she had improved her attitude, her confidence and her looks, that it felt safe even to go to her directly and tell her “Congratulations”.

At that time I had already met you, Moon, so I decided to play safe and let her in peace.