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Nothing else to say – T.H.M – pre-Chapter VII

As Moon was working on some excel sheet at her desk of massive walnut wood, she noticed there was something wrong with the sheet.. the columns and the rows were not as they supposed to be.

For example, when you had selected a straight row, you would notice the selected cells do not belong to the same row, as if you had selected A3, B5, C4 or something..

So she asked for help. Jason was in the same room, somewhere in the left side of her visual field. He came and he sat on her right side, covering her left shoulder with his arm, and they were trying to fix the problem.

It was evening, dim light, very intimate atmosphere. When she felt his arm, she caught his palm with her left hand, and holding it tight, she leaned with her face on the right side, gazing at him. And when he slowly touched her lips with his, she felt life also in her right arm, which was moving up, fondling the pulp of his left leg, feeling the beginning of his shorts. As they were kissing, at one point he asked her:

– So, do you want to have sex?

– Jason… I’m in love with you, I’m obsessed with you, there isn’t something else in this world that I’d wish more to do. But I don’t want to be just a 3 minutes distraction in some random night of your life. I need more. I deserve more. You can definitely come back to me when you are willing to commit more.

This is what Moon was remembering today while she was breastfeeding Lia, while Josie was spending some quality time with her dad, in the park, just in front of her. She was noticing his hair and the lines on his forehead.. he aged so much. They both did.

Chapter VII

With the same dad – T.H.M – Chapter VII

Ok, I hope you didn’t forget about Moon and Meredith… And Jason and Josie. I just received some more creative energy from the stars :)) And they told me that the father of both Moon’s and Meredith’s baby is Jason. How was this possible?

Well.. Moon was already pregnant when she died in the metro crash in London. And when I resurrected her she came back exactly the same way as she left, no years have passed for her in the meanwhile. Meredith, on the other side, she met Jason long after Moon died and they fell in love and.. they got pregnant.

But some time has passed since I resurrected Moon, it’s now year 2020. Moon had another girl, Lia, and Meredith had a boy, Michael.

So this is how Jason ended up having 3 kids, while paying alimony to 2 of them. The interesting part is that he still lives with Meredith. And with their son. And Josie went to live with her Mom and her younger sister.

How is Moon taking care of 2 girls alone? Josie Sane, 7 years old now and Lia Delight, 1 and 1/2. Well, she is not really alone, because when she came back from the dead she brought some angels with her that are taking some of the responsibilities of watching over the girls. This is one of the reasons while Jason couldn’t get back together with her.

But we don’t care anymore about Jason and Meredith and their offspring, now the story will follow mainly Josie, Lia and the angels. Stay tuned!

Josie and Jason – talk about love

– Daddy, what is love?

– Well, my dear Josephine… Love is… here is an example, so you’ll understand it at your age level: love is when you see one of your kindergarden mates with unfastened shoe laces and you get under the table.  And he will expect you will tie them to the table leg or something, to prank him, but you got there just to tie them properly back together.
Imagine the expression of his face when he will see you actually helped him.

Or when you make someone an exceptional surprise by buying him a plane ticket to experience travelling just by himself to a new country/city, just on an impulse, without thinking too much about it, because you knew how self-rewarding that is to travel and to explore alone the new places and yourself in a new place… and you really wished that for him to experience, out of pure unconditional care. But him, he freaks out from too much freedom and he tries to convince himself that he was the one that didn’t want to invite you, in the first place.

– What? Dad, you lost me here.

– I’m sorry honey, I got side-tracked by memories… 😀

Just dreams

23rd Rainy Road, London.. February 14th, 2017, a soft woman’s voice singing the chorus of the song “All of the stars”..

– Mommy, you are the best singer in the world!

And then the little girl opens her eyes, looks around and suddenly starts crying..

-Mommy? Mommy? Where are you?

Ruffus starts to bark and Jason rushes in the room only with the trousers of the pajama. Shy, through the right side of the room door apears a lovely woman dressed only with Jason’s pajama shirt..

Josie looks right through her father and with tears in her eyes and hiccuping says:

– Meredith! Where is my mommy? She was just here.. She was singing to me…

Ruffus jumps over her in bed and starts licking the tears out of her cheeks.

And this is the moment when Meredith finally understood how it was possible for Josephine to still see and talk with her mom, because being in shock the little girl was not able to make the difference between dreams and real memories.

In her sessions with Meredith she was describing her encounters with Moon with such an incredible amount of details that the doctor couldn’t believe she was able to dream so vividly at such joung age.

Apparently it was needed for Meredith to finally dare to occupy the space of her mom, for the little girl to break into her delusion. And this time Meredith stopped feeling guilty for replacing her mom, as Moon may forever live this way in the girl’s dreams and there was nothing wrong with that, as long as Josie was aware that “her dreams” was the only place where her mom may still live.

Josie and Meredith

Chapter V – part III

It was January 28th, 2016 when Jason realized he has to do something with Josie, as he started to be worried she cannot cope with her mother’s death, since she was still claiming she talks with her.

So he decided to take her to see a pediatrician, even better, a doctor specialized in children psychiatry. And guess what, the doctor was a beautiful woman, called Meredith.

The funny thing was that Meredith was interested also in astrology, as a hobby. And in the day she met Josie and Jason she was expecting something significant to happen in her life, as Juno conjunct Mars was transiting her natal Juno conjunct Venus.

Deep down inside she knew Jason will turn out to be more than just the father of her patient. The problem is that she couldn’t tell him this.. at least not until some years will have passed since the death of his wife Moon.

But wait, she doesn’t know yet anything about this man who walked in her consultation room, holding in his arms this beautiful little curled blond girl.


Josephine and London

As in “The Healing Moon – Chapter V – part II”.

Where were we? Yes, at Josie. Josephine Sane, the daughter of Moon and Jason. Josie just turned 3, today. She is born February 3rd 2013.

Josie, Moon and Jason now live in London, at 23rd Rainy Road.

You see… just after Moon married Jason, in early 2012, she received an offer through Linkedin, to work as Financial Reporting Specialist to a bank in London. And Jason loved her so much that he couldn’t say no and they flew there together. One year later, Josie arrived.

We don’t know what Jason does for a living and we don’t really care, as long as he is a loving father. Josie and he, will be returning to Bucharest, somewhere in 2018… but so much will happen until then…

Josie loves her doggy ‘uffus very much. She is playing with him, lifting his ears up, and shouts around the house: “daddy, daddy, look, I have a bunny.. a bunny that balks”. She meant barks. She received the dog as Christmas present from her dad.

Why? Because Moon is actually dead. She died in a tube crash, on December 14th, 2015. There was all over the news, it wasn’t terrorism or anything, it was just a normal train which derailed from the tracks. She was the only one who died actually, just because she was reading a book, in the way home from work, and she didn’t have time to grab herself properly when the train literally rolled over in the tunnel..

Josie didn’t understand what happened to her mommy, just a couple of months ago. She pretends she still sees her and talks with her when no one is around. We don’t know if this is because London or because Josephine.

The Healing Moon – Chapter VI

“The Resurrection”

Action in Bucharest, March 30th, 2018 😀

Why did you do it?
Because I couldn’t imagine what I would find in there.


The thing is, Josie was feeling more and more depressed, she was sleeping all day and sometimes at nights she was having nightmares. Completely lost her appetite. She started ignoring even Ruffus. So at that date (March 30th, 2018) what she actually did was to throw herself into the lake… hoping to see her mom in there. Lucky her dad jumped after her fast enough, she only swallowed some water.

Moon was also standing on the shore, chatting with Meredith.

I had to resurrect her character. Otherwise Josie would had successfully killed herself, in her second attempt, 3 years later.

Moreover, both Moon and Meredith are pregnant now!!

We don’t know who is the father of Meredith’s baby, but we assume it’s one of her old classmates that she saw again at “the 10 years from graduation reunion” and they grew fond of each other, even if during university they didn’t even notice the other exists. His name was Bogdan or Emil or something.. not very sure of the name, but we know he is of jewish roots.