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34 weeks

Baby is now a bit over 2 kg. I was expecting more, but the doctor didn’t seem to be worried, she said it’s an estimation anyway, as long everything looks fine I should not worry either. But I did buy myself decaf to make for breakfast, let’s see if we can improve baby weight by next week’s check. She was joking with us regarding the baby’s gender.. I told her, if it turns out to be a boy, bummer, he will have to sleep only in pink pajamas :)) But she then assured us she was not seeing any male parts…

I washed the last of the clothes that I bought since last wash and the ones that I crocheted myself.. Will be ironing them tomorrow.

Otherwise.. I have a state somewhat between boredom and depression.. I want so many things done in the house, but I cannot do them myself.. I have no more patience. Everybody tells me to relax.. is not that easy to not do anything. I still washed the floor in the kitchen today, as Leo vacuumed everywhere and washed the hallway on Saturday and did also laundry… so the dirty kitchen floor was now standing out…

On Sunday we had 18 degrees. Leo took Bonnie for a walk and they ended up at Olesna for beer. And I didn’t have the braveness to go with them.. Now is cold again, max 7-8 degrees during the day.

My back is hurting more and more, also my left leg is hurting, at the pelvis, where it was broken, because, for the past 3 months, I am sleeping 80% of the time on my left side.

I’m having these Braxton Hicks contractions more often lately, yesterday and during the night I think I had more than 10, but today all morning only 2. They are not painful, just that I feel I need to change position because I cannot breathe when the belly gets hard, as the baby is now pressing on my right lung.

I was probably dehydrated, although I’m drinking more than 4l of water everyday and I’m waking up at night 3-4 times to pee and to drink water, but yesterday we had also other stuff to do before and after doctor, we left home at 7:30 and got back barely at 14… And last night I woke up 6 times… and the baby was also very restless.

So yeah.. keep calm and crochet. Counting 2 more days, for the Sun to enter Aries 😀 and then I will start to count backwards.