My poems

Even Juno lies sometimes

Returning the stolen diary

Today’s poem

It’s in his mind

I’ll never give up


The king needs to rest

A 37 Master

Many, many light years away

It’s where I’m from
It’s where you are
‘Cause we were both made from the stars
It’s where the clouds are bright at night
It’s where the moons are green and white
Where everything I want from life,
It’s just to fly…


Inside our hearts of smashing fire,
There is this need to use more power.
Now that, what used to be our greatest right,
Has gained more light and changed its color.

Across the sky, what’s pointing down?
The path of hope, for all to follow!
Angels, ancestors and the wind,
Are sending snow to calm our fire.

We have the proof that we will win,
And every day we are more in.
The highest weapon of mankind,
It’s sealed up there, yet barely seen.

Believe me

Believe me when there’s nothing left to say to speak out louder than the way you feel when you’re with me,
Believe me when the things I do for you may seem to awkward to be love …but, please, believe me that I do.
Believe me, cause the happiness I feel it’s still a mirror of you being here.
Believe me that there is no mountain higher than the one you want to climb,
Believe me It will always be a place on Earth to need your light
So please, believe me now, as awkward as may sound…
Believe me when I tell you that the sun will rise again,
Believe me when I tell you there’s no monster in your head.

Smile 🙂

But still …

From all the words you say to me
There’s only one worth to remember
There’s only one that stays with me
Until the other day we meet
Again: “bye!”

There’s patience, there is hope
There are those things that make you say it
There’s happiness, there’s sorrow…

But still… there’s hope!

I’ll cherish it each time
I’ll even start to count the times
It reaches to a spot of light
Out of your mouth.

There’s hope, there’s love… but still:
Good bye!

Rise and shine

Rise and shine, little star, on my way,
Rise and lift yourself above.
Feel!… the pain is flying away
When you’re almost there…


“- Rise and shine, I would hold my time
As I dream of you each night.
But I can’t, so let go… and rise
Where there will be no place to hide.
‘Cause… you know?, you are one of a kind!”

“- Hold my hand, hold my hand!
Here is a dream that we both share.
Hold me tight, don’t let go…
I don’t want to rise here alone!”

My Riddle

The way i find your face, back on the ground
it’s like a lead that goes forever, goes around
and takes the shadow from my world
and makes the dreams… I have

for you it’s just a game… a neverending story
You love to love me. You love the clouds
i’ve touched with my bare feet
and found some straws of glory

The gold of passion, the blue of light
A silver world with you inside
It’s not my dream, it’s real!
For all I dreamed of you it’s here

in front of me. I don’t believe
the bubble brakes and takes you back
and leaves them all intact… a ghost
forever in my mind you’ll be
with all the dreams you had with me.


You are a star upon the sky
The glowing truth before my eyes
To shine out brightly day by day
To light and guide me on my way

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

4 thoughts on “My poems

    1. Stefania Post author

      era… dreamed… oricum pe vremea aia engleza mea era de nivel incepatori… dar ma bucur ca “s-a agatat” cineva de suferintele mele in versuri 🙂

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