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7-13 aprilie

7 – We went for a running / bike-ridding session in the forest, after work! it was so fun, because it was a very pleasant weather
8 – the bus ride until NB and the Czech language class
9 – I discovered Star-crossed 🙂
10 – Star-crossed and the atrian’s alphabet
11 – Star-crossed, episode 7. minutes 31 and 32. epic 😀
12 – We went in the morning for a tree planting and while resting my arms from digging holes, one little doggy called Mickey fell in love with me :))
13 – I discovered Perception: “[…] But if we manage to lay down our clubs and our sharpen rocks, answering the call of our altruistic imperative can be its own reward”

another 12 happy days + 2 bonus

24 – Luni – my Leo came back from weekend at parents with a full bag of chocolates and biscuits and waffles!!
25 – Marti – new episode of Believe; my homework for the Czech language class
26 – Miercuri – having an escapade into Chodov mall after work
27 – Joi – Next Star Romania, 6th edition
28 – Vineri – new episode of Vampire Diaries
29 – Sambata – the Screenwriting Workshop
30 – Duminica – the Screenwriting Workshop
31 – Luni – my first ride with the Final Draft
01 – Marti – Vampire Diaries cast at PaleyFest 2014; end of How I met your Mother, with Czech subtitles
02 – Miercuri – riding my bike until Novo’; having picnic lunch in the forest – tuna salad; having a painting/drawing session in open air
03 – Joi – Next Star Romania, 7th edition; new episode of The Mentalist
04 – Vineri – this girl’s power, from 2:47 to 2:57. It drugged me. I must’ve listened it 50 times today
05 – Sambata – my Leo gave me a pair of bike gloves!! now I have 2 items from him on my bike (2 weeks ago he gave me a special termos bike bottle)
06 – Duminica – because I can read “Gone with the wind” in Romanian, on the Kindle 🙂

17-23 martie

Continuing the series of #100happydays:

Monday 17, Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 19 – I only remember that I had a lot of work to do, which is quite good.

Thursday 20 – for being needed to play Poker in the Olympics FY14, as back-up for the Blue Sky team. I succeed to play in the final table, in the top 20% of the players! And the Blue Sky team won the Quiz round 🙂

Friday 21 – went for a shopping session and came home with a nice spring outfit, mostly for bike riding. Then, I got into the woods behind the Novodvorska and I found this lovely butterfly:DSC_0169

Saturday 22 – happy for having a very rich dreaming experience:
in the first dream I was caught in some intense and emotional encounter, which ended with a cap being dropped, as a proof of hope and trust that I will find my way to achieve all my dreams, but when I wanted to lift it up and run after the owner, to return it, a little girl rushed in out of nowhere, she took it and she didn’t believe my story and she didn’t want to give it back to me; in another dream, I was in South Africa, for a job interview, in the HR department, for the same company I work now. This time I was pretty much aware that I was dreaming and as I let myself in, it turned out to be quite a nontraditional job-interview; it was almost autumn there, but it was night outside, we were sitting in a small yard or park, on some benches made out of pillows… and then a quite unusual beautiful star-ship crossed the sky, silvery, which was using dissolution as method of propulsion. I tried to take pictures with my phone. 😀 and then they started with making my astro-numerologic portrait…and I remember they had much more romanians in there and they were even playing romanian songs on the local radio.

Sunday 23 – a funky picture I saw on fb. in the first moment it made me laugh. 10 min later I was convinced it was my happy moment for the day. 30 min later got me into depression. I should mobilize myself to go out more often and adhere to some social groups, even if my bf is not that much fun of karaoke pubs.

and the week 2 of March

16 degrees… because I have a bike. In Prague.

And because this week was 100% sun and it got until 16 degrees.

In Prague. In March. Quite a big deal compared to last year and it makes me really consider to stay. I went to my second Language Academy Czech class on Tuesday. 🙂

On Saturday we met some colleagues from work and we had a playing session of Table and a cards game called “Bang”. And we had tuica. Nice and funny 🙂

And today, on Sunday, we met one old colleague of mine, from Middle School, which is visiting Prague with her husband. A productive walk down the memory lane…

Duminica, Luni, Marti etc

Deci, continuand enumerarea momentelor frumoase din seria 100happydays:

Duminica – Jirka’s wife had a baby girl :D;
Luni – We reviewed some old-epic episodes of the Big Bang Theory;
Marti – I went to the first Czech class from Language Academy, that made me happy because it proved me that I did learn something in one year and half. 😀
Miercuri – A piece of chocolate cake was brought to my table.. just when I arrived from lunch.
Joi – I received a piece of Czech cake, Marlenka, because of one colleague’s birthday. Best cake ever! Besides this, this time instead of lunch, a piece of fruit tart was brought to my table.
Vineri – more cake and more cookies are estimated. 😀
Sambata – I bought myself a new bike!!! Pictures will follow soon and I already rode it for 7 km from bike shop to home.
Duminica – because of this:

day 5.. +6+7+8+9

555994_501742499948476_1379520313_nThis made me happy today (day 5):
I found it on FB and I know that it represents the Broadway towers, Gloucestershire, England. It instantly reminded me of the landscape I saw in my mind when I wrote this.
Day 6: I don’t remember anything about this day. Which is actually making me happy.

Day 7: I took the afternoon off from work and after I solved the embassy thing, I had the idea to climb by foot to Petrin 🙂 And somewhere very close to Nebozizek I found these heavenly snowdrops:IMAG0438
Day 8: I found out about one Screenwriting workshop in Prague!!! Screenwriting, in English, 3 days of workshop, at the end of March!!!
Day 9: I’m going to cinema with my Leo, to “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”.


I found this challenge on Facebook and I want to accept it, for my blog. Starting today, the 100th day will be June 1st. And judging by this I would say that it will be an easy challenge, since on international children’s day everyone should be happy!

So, about the rules of the game: everyday I will have to post what made me happy. And today made me happy that… actually there are more things that made me happy today, because I worked from home and because it was Friday, but the winner for 21.02 is: today made me happy that my boyfriend prepared dinner.

22.02 – we finally decided when and where to spend (part of) the vacation and we bought the plane tickets.
23.02 – we went for a walk in the forest and I saw Santa’s reindeer 🙂
24.02 – he let me sleep until 8 and he woke me up with a cup of coffee.